• Profesor de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
  • Colegio de Ciencias e Ingenierías, Politécnico
  • 297-1700 ext 1170


  • PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde
  • MSc in Real Time Power Electronics and Control Systems, University of Bradford
  • Ing. en Electrónica y Control, Escuela Politécnica Nacional


2018-2019 IEEE R9 Director-Elect, IEEE
( 2018 - Hasta el presente )
IEEE R9 Membership development Committee Chair IEEE R9 Strategic Planning Committee Chair
Supervisor de Planta de Generación, PetroAmazonas EP
( 2011 - 2011 )
Jefe del área de operaciones y mantenimiento de la planta de generación del Bloque 18 de PetroAmazonas
Ing. de Confiabilidad, Petrobras/EcuadorTLC
( 2007 - 2010 )
Ingeniero de Análisis de Confiablidad de Operaciones del Bloque 18 de Petrobras
Profesor, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
( 2005 - 2007 )
Profesor del área de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
Profesor, Escuela Politécnica Nacional
( 2001 - 2005 )
Profesor/Invesstigador en el área de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
Research Assistant, University of Strathclyde
( 2001 - 2004 )
Investigador en el proyecto SMAC - Smart Control of WWTP.


Computer-Aided Electromagnetic Analysis of a Multi-Winding Transformer for SST Applications
Measuring Regional Wave Speed using a Low Cost Portable Device
Practical Implementation of Decentralized Transferred Power Deviation Control
Quad-Active-Bridge as the basic cell of a MMC Based SST for der and DESS Integration
A Performance Comparison of Stationary Frame Control of Three-Leg and Four-Leg Voltage Source Inverters in Power System Applications
On the Design and Implementation of a Portable Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Power Supply
On the Design of a RF Schottky Diode Rectifier for Energy Harvesting Applications
On the Design of Active LC Oscillators Using Small-Signal Model Network Analysis
On the Implementation of a 3D Space Vector Modulation Algorithm
A Least Square Procedure for the Solution of Pocklington’s Equation
Self-organized Clustering for Improved Interference Mitigation in White Spaces
Cooperative Self-Organized Optimal Power Control for Interference Mitigation in Femtocell Networks
Power Plant Fault Monitoring using Recursive Principal Component Analysis RPCA
Power Calculation Error Propagation Correction using Linear Regression Factors in a Distributed WSN for Household Devices
Real-Time Extended Kalman and H-infinity Filters Performance Comparison for Induction Machine Speed and Torque Estimation
Wide-Area Distributed Cooperative Load-Frequency Consensus Control with Limited Information
Self-Organized Distributed Cooperative Control of Interference in Femtocell Networks


Ingeniería Eléctrica, Control de Procesos y Sistemas Digitales