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A Robust Fully Correntropy–based Sparse Modeling Alternative to Dictionary Learning
Discrimination of Movement-Related Cortical Potentials Exploiting Unsupervised Learned Representations From ECoGs
RobOMP: Robust variants of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for sparse representations
Sparse Wave Packets Discriminate Motor Tasks in EEG-based BCIs
The Generalized Sleep Spindles Detector: A Generative Model Approach on Single-Channel EEGs
Robust Estimation of Shift–Invariant Patterns Exploiting Correntropy
Robust K-SVD: A Novel Approach for Dictionary Learning
The Embedding Transform. A Novel Analysis of Non-Stationarity in the EEG
A marked point process approach for identifying neural correlates of tics in Tourette Syndrome
A Marked Point Process Framework for Extracellular Electrical Potentials
Unsupervised Robust Detection of Behavioral Correlates in ECoG
A robust maximum correntropy criterion for dictionary learning
Estimation and modeling of EEG amplitude-temporal characteristics using a marked point process approach
Generalized Correntropy Matching Pursuit: A novel, robust algorithm for sparse decomposition
Transient model of EEG using Gini Index-based matching pursuit
Classification of hand movement direction based on EEG high-gamma activity
Hierarchical Linear Dynamical Systems: A new model for clustering of time series


Machine Learning, Neuroingeniería y Análisis Estadístico de Señales