• Profesor de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Coordinador de Vinculación
  • Colegio de Ciencias e Ingenierías, Politécnico
  • 297-1700 ext 1367
  • dbenitez@usfq.edu.ec


  • PhD Instrumentation and Analytical Sciences, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • MSc in Instrumentation and Analytical Sciences, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • Ingeniero en Electronica y Control, Escuela Politecnica Nacional


Investigador Prometeo, Proyecto Prometeo, Secretaria de Educación, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (SENESCYT). Institución de Acogida: Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE
( 2012 - 2014 )
Initiate and conduct innovative research for energy management in residential applications (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring). Initiate and conduct innovative research for nanoparticles image processing analysis. Taught several courses including: LabVIEW, Sensors and Instrumentation systems. Collaborate in the development of the Graduate Research Programs in Nanotechnology (MSc and PhD programs) and Electrical Engineering (MSc). Drive applications for public funding with Government Research Institutes. Supervised student research projects in Signal Processing, Control and Instrumentation.
Senior Research Engineer - Embedded systems, Smart Environments, Bosch Research and Technology Center, Robert Bosch Corporation LLC, Pittsburgh, USA.
( 2007 - 2012 )
Initiate, conduct, and manage innovative research with significant potential impact on business and products. Contribute to and lead the ‘Smart Environments’ research team with contributions to Consumer Goods and Building Technology business sector. Bring innovation ideas to maturity via Corporate Research innovation process; coordinate with business units to assess and understand product needs to foster transfer of research results. Develop embedded multi-sensor prototype systems, including related hardware/software components, for energy management and security applications. Develop signal and image processing algorithms for mathematical analysis, sensor data fusion and situational reasoning through comprehensive research of sensing and reasoning networks (applied machine learning, pattern recognition, video content analysis, etc). Research and develop embedded technologies and algorithms for energy saving and energy management systems in smart building and residential applications
Research Associate, Sensing, Imaging and Signal Processing Research Group, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.
( 2005 - 2007 )
Designed and implemented embedded instrumentation systems (hardware and software) for Nondestructive testing applications. Developed C/Assembler firmware programs for DSPs and micro controllers. Developed and setup LabVIEW based Instrumentation systems for scanner control including graphical user interface and sensor/ hardware integration. • Developed image processing algorithms for data analysis (noise reduction, image enhancement, image interpolation); layer separation; scan profile statistics extraction (dimensional estimation); 3D image rendering and visualization. Developed instrumentation systems for data acquisition and analysis of electromyography (EMG) and muscular myography (MMG) signals to be used in the study of muscular fatigue as part of a Research collaboration with the Centre for Rehabilitation Science, School of Medicine, University of Manchester, UK.
Profesor Tiempo Completo, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
( 2001 - 2004 )
Organized and coordinated activities within the department. Developed and organized the Electrical Engineering academic program. Taught several courses including Control Systems, Circuit Analysis, LabVIEW, Sensors and Transducers, Signals and Systems, Electrical Installations, Electronics. Supervised student research projects in Control and Instrumentation.
Profesor Principal a tiempo parcial, Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN), Quito, Ecuador.
( 2002 - 2004 )
Taught several courses for students and Industry including Digital Signal Processing, Instrumentation, Biomedical Instrumentation, LabVIEW, SCADA Systems. Supervised student research projects in Instrumentation, Signal Processing and Control.
Software Engineer (Scientific Programmer/developer), Knowledge Support Systems Limited, Manchester, UK
( 2000 - 2001 )
Developed statistical data analysis methods and programmed statistical tools for Retail data analytics. Designed and programmed Component Object Models (COM) for business modeling using Visual C++.
Laboratory Student Demonstrator, Teaching Assistant., Department of Instrumentation and Analytical Science, University of Manchester UMIST, Manchester, UK.
( 1997 - 2000 )
Set up, and supervised laboratory experiments in Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, and Instrumentation for students in the Master’s of Science program. Successfully provided lectures for related courses in the Master’s of Science program.
Ingeniero Asistente: Ingeniero de automatizacion, AICO Automatizacion Industrial y Control Ltda.
( 1993 - 1996 )
Designed electrical systems including: Industrial power systems, Power factor correction, Automation Control (Contactor & PLC based), Machine Control Retrofit, Lighting Systems, etc. Designed, programmed, and installed Industrial Automation Control and Instrumentation Systems with applications ranging from automated power switchover mechanisms to entire production line automation for the textile and food industries. Developed Control and Instrumentation Diagrams (in AutoCAD) for Industrial process. Designed and installed SCADA systems. Also responsible for project management and fabrication scheduling. Also worked in sales and customer support.


A New Volcanic Seismic Signal Descriptor and Its Application to a Data Set From the Cotopaxi Volcano
ESeismic: Towards an Ecuadorian volcano seismic repository
Air Quality Monitoring System Within Campus by Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Building Machine Learning Models for Long-Period and Volcano-Tectonic Event Classification
Combining Filter-Based Feature Selection Methods and Gaussian Mixture Model for the Classification of Seismic Events From Cotopaxi Volcano
Data Analytics on Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring System Derived from a Wireless Sensor Network
On the 3D Finite Element Modeling of the Fingertip Compression During the Use of Touch Screens
On the Analysis of Strong Earthquake Seismic Signals Using Variational-Mode Decomposition
On the Design of a New 4x4 Coupler for C Band based on a 180 Coupler at Microstrip Technology
On the Design of Single and Dual Band Wilkinson Power Dividers for C-band Applications using Microstrip Technology
On the Use of the EMOTIV Cortex API to Control a Robotic Arm Using Raw EEG Signals Acquired from the EMOTIV Insight NeuroHeadset
Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring Systems Using Wireless Sensor Networks Connected in a Cloud-Computing, Wrapped up Web Services
Visual Analytics for the Reduction of Air Pollution on Real-Time Data Derived from WSN
A Low-Cost Real-Time Embedded Vehicle Counting and Classification System for Traffic Management Applications
Comparison of Numerical Methods for the Analysis of Power Distribution Networks with Large Number of Ports
Electrical Energy Audit of University Buildings: Case Study at Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Geometrical Characterization of Dipterans’ Wings Towards Automatic Mosquito Identification
On the Design of Active LC Oscillators Using Small-Signal Model Network Analysis
On the Use of Electrical Stimulation to Prevent the Loss of Muscle Strength During the Treatment of Fractures by Immobilization Splints
On the Use of Low Cost Sensors for the Implementation of a Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
On the Use of Parametric Identification Methods for Modeling a Small-Scale Pasteurization Plant
On the Use of Variational Mode Decomposition for Seismic Event Detection
Towards a Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring Systems Implemented using Wireless Sensor Networks: Preliminary Results
Towards a Sustainable Energy-Efficient Future at Universities, Universidad San Francisco de Quito Case Study, Phase I
A Computer-Aided Test Bench System for Teaching and Research on Fault Detection in Three-phase Induction Motors
A Least Square Procedure for the Solution of Pocklington’s Equation
A Real-Time Vehicle Identification System Implemented on an Embedded ARM Platform
A Simple Algorithm for Detection of QRS Onset in Single Channel ECG Signals
Determining the Main CSMA Parameters for Adequate Performance of WSN for Real-Time Volcano Monitoring System Applications
New design of T-type power divider network in microstrip technology for C-band downlink
On the Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Multiple Section Coupled-Line Directional Couplers at C-band using Microstrip Technology
On the Use of 3D Printing Technology Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Robotic Prosthetic Arm
On the use of Multi-class Support Vector Machines for Classification of Seismic Signals at Cotopaxi Volcano
Performance Analysis of Uplink Capacity in IEEE 802.16 Transparent and Non-Transparent Modes
Reducing Energy Consumption in an Industrial Process by Using Model Predictive Control
A Low Cost Baropodometric System for Children’s Postural and Gait Analysis
A new propagation model in WiMAX-based wireless fixed networks
Automatic Recognition of Long Period Events From Volcano Tectonic Earthquakes at Cotopaxi Volcano
Comparative Analysis of Automated Classifiers Applied to Volcano Event Identification
Feature Selection of Seismic Waveforms for Long Period Event Detection at Cotopaxi Volcano
Image Processing Algorithm for Improving the Identification of Patterns on Diptera Wings
Low Complexity Approach for Controlling a Robotic Arm Using the Emotiv EPOC Headset
On the Use of the Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset as a Low Cost Alternative for EEG Signal Acquisition
Real-Time Seismic Event Detection Using Voice Activity Detection Techniques
A System for 2D Imaging of Magnetic Field Based on Solid-State Magneto-Inductive Sensors
A Texture Based Image Processing Algorithm for Nanoparticles Analysis
Performance Analysis of Wireless Network Modes in Conformance with IEEE 802.11b and WDS
Sensor Array System For Real Time Visualization of Magnetostatic Fields and Imaging of Ferrous Objects
Clinical Assessment of Cardiovascular and Autonomic Function Using Virtual Instrumentation


Instrumentación y Automatismos