• Profesor de Ing. Química
  • Colegio de Ciencias e Ingenierías, Politécnico
  • 297-1700 ext 2189
  • mmendez@usfq.edu.ec


  • Ph. D., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Lic. Química, Universidad San Francisco de Quito


Profesor / investigador, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
( 2011 - Hasta el presente )
Dictar cursos en química, bioquímica de tercer y cuarto nivel de educación superior. Ejecución de proyectos de investigación en ciencias básicas y aplicadas.


Theoretical Calculations of the Multistep Reaction Mechanism Involved in Asparagine Pyrolysis Supported by Degree of Rate Control and Thermodynamic Control Analyses
¿Termogenina en anfibios? Una aproximación desde el modelamiento molecular y análisis de la literatura
Anemia in women of reproductive aged in Ecuador: data from a national survey
Characterization of the envelope Zika virus (ZIKV) protein through molecular mimicry and structural similarity analysis
Conformational Structural Stability of G-Quadruplex Nucleic Acids
Immunoinformatic design for the development of a contraceptive multi-epitope subunit vaccine*
Interaction of ZIKV NS5 and STAT2 Explored by Molecular Modeling, Docking, and Simulations Studies
Uncovering JAZ-MYC biochemical and structural interactions
A review on the information content of the pair density as a tool for the description of the electronic properties in molecular systems
Floroquinolones: an ancient antibiotic potentially useful against leishmania
Patrimonial, Forensic and Biosensing Applications of a Homemade Multispectral Scanner
Protein detection in blood via a chimeric aptafluorescence assay: toward point-of-care diagnostic devices
Clasificación vía aprendizaje automático de conformaciones moleculares en estructuras teloméricas
Discovering key residues of dengue virus NS2b-NS3-protease: New binding sites for antiviral inhibitors design
Structure and sequence based functional annotation of Zika virus NS2b protein: Computational insights
Mean residence time by hierarchical clustering analysis
Computer Aided Design of Aptamer for Prothrombin Detection in Blood
Molecular Dynamics Studio of Poly(VINYL Alcohol) Mechanical Properties for its Incorporation in Bones Structures as a PVA-PLA Substrate for Tissue Regeneration
Molecular Dynamics Study of the Biodegradation Process of the Biopolymer Poly (LACTIC)/Poly (VINYL) Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering
Molecular Modelling in MRI Contrast Agents Interacting with Water Molecules: Hierarchical Clustering Method for Molecular Dynamics Data Analysis
Nanoestructuras inusuales de ácidos nucleicos basados en ADN G-cuádruple
Tetramolecular Parallel G-Quadruplex Validation Set for Molecular Dynamics Simulation with CHARMM 27 Force Field
Theoretical evaluation of metal-functionalized rccc R-pyrogallol[4] arenes as media for molecular hydrogen storage
A theoretical study of the conformational preference of alkyl- and aryl-substituted pyrogallol[4]arenes and evidence of the accumulation of negative electrostatic potential within the cavity of their rccc conformers
Adsorption affinity studio of modified montmorillonite to remove heavy metal ions of industrial wastewater
Analysis of key structural properties for a Study Group of Intermolecular parallel G-quadruplexes X-ray and NMR structures simulated with molecular dynamics
Analysis of Key Structural Properties for a Study Group of Intermolecular parallel G-quadruplexes-X-ray simulated with molecular dynamics
Evaluation of the CHARMM27 parameters by the topological study of G-Quadruplex
Monte Carlo Adsorption affinity studio of modified nano-montomrillonite for the removal of chromate ions
MRI contrast agents interacting with water molecules: Hierarchical clustering method for molecular dynamics data analysis
MRI contrast agents interacting with water molecules: hierarchical clustering method for molecular dynamics data analysis.I.
Study of models for the structure of ecuadorian crude oil
Study of models for the structure of Ecuadorian crude oil. I
Theoretical evidence for the formation of a complex between Perfluoooctanate Sulfonate and Vitamin B12
Validation of models for molecular dynamics studies of non conventional DNA self assembled nanostructures using the force field CHARMM 27
Cavitands as molecular carriers of cancer diagnosis contrast agents: A theoretical MD study.
DNA Assembly of Nanofibers from Duplex - Quadruplex DNA
Evaluation of Modeling the Influence by Monovalent Cations in DNA Structure on Very Cation Sensible Structures ‘G-Quadruplex DNA’ using Molecular Dynamics with Charmm Force Field
Nanofibers, Structurally Heterogeneous yet Controllable, for DNA Based Nanomaterials
On the role of vitamin B12 in the reductive dehalogenation of perfluorinated persistent organic pollutants: A DFT study.
Self-Assemble of Interlocked G-Quadruplex through the Structural Characterization by Molecular Dynamics in Order to Predict Non Canonical DNA Folding
Synapsable quadruplex-mediated fibers
Zipper Like Structures Possible Intermediates to Assemble Duplex Mediated G-Quadruplex DNA
DNA nanofibers from G-quadruplex “synapsable DNA” subunits
Zipper-like structures, alternative conformations of DNA in guanine rich regions and importance of cations for their stability.
ADN G-cuádruple: caracterización inicial de los mecanismos de formación de oligómeros por mecánica molecular.
Fluorescence of unmodified oligonucleotides: A tool to probe G-quadruplex DNA structure
INOR 167-Fluorescence of unmodified oligonucleotides to monitor copper porphyrin binding to guanine quadruplexes
End-stacking of copper cationic porphyrins on parallel-stranded guanine quadruplexes


Nanomateriales, Dinámica Molecular, Bioquímica Estructural de ADN y Proteínas y Virología Física