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Dissertation Committee Member, Kent State University
( 2003 - Hasta el presente )
I have been the member of numerous dissertation committees in the English, History, Education, Geography, and Psychology Departments at Kent State University and am currently on four committees.
dissertation director, Kent State University
( 2010 - Hasta el presente )
I am currently directing the dissertations of 4 Ph.D. students at Kent State University, in the English Department's concentration in Rhetoric, Literacy, and Social practice. Two of these students graduared in Spring 2020. I am a reader, at present, on 4 dissertation committees at Kent State, 3 in English and one in Education
Reviewer, Journal of Business Comm and Written Comm
( 2007 - Hasta el presente )
I am a manuscripte reviewer on several Scopus-indexed academic journals, includin Journal of Business and Technical Communication and Written Communication
Instructora, Fundacion Camino de Luces
( 2019 - Hasta el presente )
Aprendizaje de servicio con FCL, una escuela pública en Tumbaco, sobre la enseñanza de inglés a estudiantes
Consultant/Instructor, Cleveland Clinic
( 2006 - Hasta el presente )
I helped develop and then teach summer and Spring courses under the auspices of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and grants for an educational program for high achieving but economically disadvantaged high school students. My teaching involved scientific and medical communication; other duties include working with their eXpressions exhibits and contests.
Adjunct Professor and Task Force Member, North East Ohio College of Medicine
( 2007 - Hasta el presente )
I am an adjunct professor and member of the Task Force Committee which developed, implemented and is now managing an M.A program at the North East Ohio COllege of Medicine in Medical Ethics and Humanities. In addition to administrative efforts, I serve on m.a. thesis communities and teach, now online, in the program
Full Professor of English, Kent State University
( 1998 - 2018 )
Profesora de retorica


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