• Profesora de Ingeniería Industrial
  • Colegio de Ciencias e Ingenierías, Politécnico
  • 297-1700 ext 1306


  • Ing. Industrial, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
  • Ing. Industrial, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
  • Ing. Industrial, Universidad San Francisco de Quito


Profesora, Tec of Monterrey
( 2016 - 2016 )
Lectures and Classes in Industrial Engineering


A glance of Industry 4.0 at Supply chain and Inventory management
A New Methodology to Forecast and Manage Inventory in Mobile Warehouses
A nonparametric economic index to measure the collective effort of national-level economic activities directed towards greater efficiency
A Two-Stage DEA Problem with shared outputs: Modelling efficiency scores in Regional Innovation Systems. Case Study: Monterrey in Mexico
Measuring efficiency in DEA in the presence of common inputs
Two-Stage DEA problem with shared outputs: Modelling efficiency in regional innovation systems
Evaluating the Efficiencies of Academic Research Groups: A Problem of Shared Outputs
Implementation of the S&OP Process in Textile Company Case Study: Ecuadorian Textile ABA
On the problem of benchmarking dependent decision making units and common inputs in DEA: measuring efficiencies of university faculties and careers within those faculties
Efficiency measurement of university research groups, a problem of shared outputs
Setting goals for economic activities in Mexico
An overview of tourism supply chains management and optimization models (TSCM – OM)
Modeling efficiency in the presence of multiple partial input to output processes
Partial input to output impacts in DEA: The case of DMU- specific impacts
Time-staged outputs in DEA
Two-Stage Network: When Intermediate Measures can be treated as Outputs from the Second Stage
Competitiveness among Higher Education Institutions: A Two-Stage Cobb-Douglas Model for Efficiency Measurement of Schools of Business


Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Lean Manufacturing y Modelos de Optimización